We are a team of passionate horticulturalists with a great eye for design who love creating incredible floral and plant displays. We’ve successfully been doing so for many years for our corporate clients and in 2021 we are excited to launch a new range of products for the home.

Floralscapes Nurseries was created during the pandemic – ironically lockdowns gave us a rare gift – time to think how we could offer the same service to garden lovers.

What we came up with was astonishingly simple – a tree in a pot.

Specifically, remarkable or unique trees, plants and flowers, expertly chosen and grown with utmost care partnered with beautifully designed, handmade planters from the best makers in Europe. The result? Instant pieces of magic for your garden.

Jonathan, our founder, is obsessive about unique pots and unique plants.

His obsession combined with that of Daniel, our head of horticulture’s passion for and instinctive, seemingly magical touch with plants allows Floralscapes Nurseries to offer a unique service and range of stunning pieces to make your outdoor haven a very special place.

A bit about our founder

Floralscapes Nurseries is the brainchild of Jonathan Snape, a respected member of the horticultural profession.

Jonathan has always been passionate about beauty in nature and his dedication, creative eye and boundless enthusiasm have earned him numerous awards and accolades within the industry. Some of his London-based projects for commercial clients became tourist attractions in their own right.

Like many during the pandemic he faced major challenges to his existing business, much of which relied upon the hospitality sector. He knew in order to survive he needed to innovate and refocus.

Recognising the business’s most valuable asset were his skilled and passionate team, he was confident the exceptional levels of service they delivered day after day to corporate clientele would also be highly valued in a retail environment.

Jonathan has a slight obsession when it comes to plant pots, most likely attributable to his earliest gardening memories of helping his Nan plant up pot after pot of pelargoniums.

From this obsession and in memory of his gardening mentor – Floralscapes Nurseries was born.

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