The pots and plants you’ll find throughout the Nurseries range are all a touch above ‘ordinary’, but in this section we’ve gone all out!

Our raison d’etre is scouring growers in the UK and Europe, hunting down small, unknown makers or visiting those already featured on our lists. We visit in person and we talk – we talk a lot! We share our passion and inquisitiveness and it becomes infectious. Our makers and growers do likewise and suddenly they’re showing us something new (or in some instances with our growers – something VERY old). Something not normally “For Sale”.

Sometimes we’re exploring hidden corners and come across plants which have grown into a shape deemed ‘uncommercial’ – a plant full of character, one-of- a-kind – magically and uniquely suited to one of our planters.

The Nurseries Showstopper Range consists of finds such as these. Each piece, plant or combination must either be unique or of such quality and rarity as to make it an exemplary, horticultural showstopper.

– Enjoy!